• Just in case you haven't gotten to know him in the last 35 years:
  • Everything You Need to Know About Stu
    • He's been here forever - as in 35 years this September. In fact, Stu claims to have invented the phrase "KCAL Rocks!"
    • Stu's old. Really old. In fact, he's been an eyewitness to every major historical event. Ever.
    • He's not just old, he's a Grandpa.
    • As Grandpas go, Stu's also a grumpy old man.
    • Even for us, he's a drunk. (KCAL nickname for Stu: ODB - as in Old Drunk Bastard)
    • He's a beer connoisseur. (Of course, he'll drink anything, including beer out of the toilet.)
    • We think he's still high most of the time, but he swears he was only a stoner "in a different time". (Yeah - like yesterday.)
    • His teams: Dodgers, Steelers, Lakers
    • He's our resident soul child, closet hippy, or whatever you call a 60's throwback.
    • Stu is the drummer of a garage band you'll never see.
    • He's our resident curmudgeon.
    • We call Stu our musical naysayer. If everyone else loves it, Stu will probably find a reason to hate it.
    • His body is failing. Stu is, in fact, toothless. (Stay tuned, and you'll hear him lose the dentures.)
    • His eyesight sucks too, and he keeps refusing to get new glasses.
    • Stu is the most PW'ed guy on Earth.
    • On the other hand, we're pretty sure he's banging Tiff's Mom, Hurricane Becky.
    • His wife Lovey probably doesn't mind. After all, when she's not flying the friendly skies as a sky muffin flight attendant, she likes to spend quality time with her favorite pilot, Captain Creepy.
    • Stu is the owner of the world's largest nose.
    • He's also a retired cyclist.
    • In spite of all this, Stu is allowed to coach a girls softball team.

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  • Here's everything you need to know about the last-place finisher in the 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 Mother Of The Year competition: Tiffany!
  • Everything You Need to Know About Tiffany
    • In case you haven't figured it out, Tiffany is the not-very-good mother of two.
    • Her 3 year-old son is known as "The Caveman", probably due to the fact that he's already almost seven feet tall.
    • She is the world's worst driver.
    • Tiff is currently a retired slut.
    • However, she's also a future cougar. Why?
    • We expect Tiffany's husband to dump her at any moment, probably for an Asian porn star.
    • Unlike the rest of us, she hates sports.
    • Of course, you'd probably hate sports too if you were a recovering Cleveland Browns "fan".
    • Originally from Ohio, Tiffany is now a snooty Redlands-ite.
    • Or she's a poser. Or, more likely, both.
    • Tiff is the smart one on the show.
    • She's a reader and news junkie. That's why she's the host of the Hole News.
    • (By comparison, Jimbo's friends call him Red. Why? Well, one time, he read a book.)
    • Our little Tiffany is also a pop culture junkie.
    • She blames her mother, Hurricane Becky, for everything.
    • Tiff has amazingly huge feet.
    • She eats like a bird, which is probably why she finds it impossible to take a dump in the KCAL women's room.
    • Tiffany has the flattest ass in the history of life.

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  • If you haven't heard Chicago's loudest ex-resident using his crow-like voice to tell you all about himself, here's everything you need to know about Jimbo.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Jimbo
    • Jimbo has the world's largest ego a lofty opinion of himself.
    • He tells everyone what they should do.
    • When drunk, Jimbo slurs to everyone, "You know what you oughta do."
    • He's a hairy, flatulent freak, who finds farts hilariously funny.
    • He's also our resident sports freak.
    • Jimbo's teams: Minnesota Vikings, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Lakers.
    • Our hero actually believes his Vikings will win a Super Bowl one day.
    • He has a man crush on Randy Moss, but...
    • He worships at the altar of David Lee Roth.
    • Jimbo likes to say he "loves Mexican food...and women".
    • He better - he's the father of three beige babies, better known as The Chosen One and The Wonder Twins.
    • Jimbo is our answer to Al Bundy. By that we mean...
    • He's going through his mid-life crisis and just bought a Harley.
    • As a retired he-whore, Jimbo is still boob and sex obsessed.
    • He admits he was "cooler" in the '80's.
    • Our resident music freak, Jimbo's love of music knows no bounds, though he loves the '80's best.
    • He hates reading, loves ESPN and his DVR.
    • Jimbo is seven feet tall on the radio, but 5-7 in real life.
    • He loves his gadgets, but he's technologically challenged. 4orty has to show him how to use everything he buys.
    • Jimbo is a Yahtzee enthusiast. Really.

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Kelli Cluque

  • Welcome to Kelli's RANDOM facts.
  • Enjoy Some Random Facts From Kelli
    • Back from vacation at the lovely Mammoth Lakes

      The trout were jumping on to the hooks!
    • Dodgers news
    • Creative ways to enjoy your cubicle: Fill With Ice Blocks

    • Okay, this creature is freaky...Pea-sized frog rates among world's tiniest. One of the tiniest frogs in the world, and the smallest ever seen outside of North and South America, has been discovered in the forests of the Southeast Asian island of Borneo.

    • Random Photos
      • Yours truly with K-CAL afternoon host Daryl

        Vacation beach house above
      • My best friends...also known as my sisters. One of them got married - hard to guess, I know.

      • My furry kids

        Okay, guess who's Henry and who is Fat Joe...



  • Daryl rocks you through the afternoon and winds down your workday with 96 Minutes of Commercial Free KCAL Rock starting up around 3:30PM every weekday.
  • Some Crap From Daryl
    • Once again, KCAL has got NFL action live on the air! We're carrying the Chargers this year, and to get you warmed up Kelli and I went down to the San Diego Fan Fest last week. Catch the video here!
    • I had a chance to talk with Ozzy on the air last week getting ready for Ozzfest, hopefully you caught it, and he started reminiscing about the US Festival (He played on "Heavy Metal Sunday" at the 2nd one in 1983) being at the same site as the Ozzfest, and then the Cal Jam at the Ontario Motor Speedway came up. I mentioned that I'd recently come across some video of the Cal Jam appearance with Black Sabbath back in 1974, so I figured I'd post it here for you to check out...